Cost-Effective AVESSO with Super Suede for Shoes

Cost-Effective AVESSO with Super Suede for Shoes

Model Number: 1406008 - 8149

Thickness: 0.8mm

Width: 137cm

Color: We do any color you wanted

Backing: /

MOQ: 800 meter/model/color

AVESSO, in the Middle East, is also known as AMARA. In the recent years, people has been more and more strict for the product itself, including the high quality and perfect handfeeling. Therefore, the microfiber suede products have cought the eyes and became the hottest one now. One of the reasons we recommend the AVESSO super suede  is that it has good quality which is comparable with the microfiber, but what's most important is the cheaper price of AVESSO suede. At present, the price is 2.5 dollars per meter. Secondly, the microfiber suede is quite soft and has the super touching. The shoes made of AVESSO make you look great in terms of taste. Last but not least, AVESSO (AMARA) is becoming more and more popular, so it will help you to hold a powerful advantaged market. In a word, AVESSO(AMARA) is stylish, classy and comfortable. What are you waiting for?