Tpu Synthetic Leather

TPU refers to thermoplastic polyurethane, which is a hybrid material usually used in sporting goods, inflatable goods, and footwear. Such TPU leather fabrics are widely used because of the nature of mixture between hard plastic and soft silicone, including oil resistance, transparency, elasticity and durability. Bridge is implementing strict quality control rules just to bring you the best qualified TPU leather from China with comparable cheap prices.

Technology of TPU synthetic leather:

TPU synthetic leather constructed by 3 layers, the bottom layer is backing fabric (textile, nonwoven or microfiber), the middle layer is PU, the surface layer is TPU film.

We have various kinds of TPU synthetic leather, including metallic effect, patent effect, holographic effect, laser effect.

Besides TPU synthetic leather, we can also provide TPU film if customers want.


Advantage of TPU synthetic leather


TPU film is directly calendered after heating TPU particles into liquid, so the process is not involved any solvent and free of heavy metals. When bonded with solvent free PU leather or waterborned PU leather, it is totally eco friendly with good looking.


Excellent performance:

TPU synthetic leather has good performance in abrasion resistance, tensile strength, elongation, flame retardant, oil resistance, cold resistance and tortuous resistance. Comparing with TPU coated fabric which is also called TPU leather, it is better in adhesion strength between TPU and its backing fabric.



We are able to produce hundreds kinds of TPU synthetic leather according to customers’ demands because TPU is a high molecular polymer with physical properties. We can change it to different colors, thicknesses, hand-feeling and so on.

TPU film has good elastic and high transparency which makes the surface of synthetic leather as diamond and crystal, and also be able to make to other effect as customers requirements.


Application of TPU synthetic leather

For shoes

TPU synthetic leather has better haptic properties than patent leather. The surface is durable and excellent in wear resistance which is very nice for shoes.


For garments

TPU synthetic leather will definitely become the fashion element for your design because of its kinds of effect, like laser, holographic, lighting.


For outdoor goods

TPU synthetic leather can provide toughness, flexibility and durability, so it is a wisdom choice for outdoor goods, like covering of big balls.


For decorative material

Colorful and crystal TPU synthetic leather will definitely be a light spot in decoration. It can be made to notebook cover, bows, phone case and whatever you can image.


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