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Bridge faux leather fabrics for bag and luggage material are textured and gorgeous so as to make bags and handbags that you manufactured outstanding from others. High quality PU leather fabric is moisture wicking and ultra durable to be a great choice of fabric material for handbags and luggage/suitcases. Superior leather fabric design contains a feature of human nature and sense of times. Bridge offers faux leathers to support original designs of bags exclusive for you. Bridge refuses imitating so that we offer original faux leather fabrics for your best ideas on bags, handbags and suitcases.

In this category, you will find :

Faux leather for bags/Faux leather fabric for handbags

We have different types of leather material for bags and handbags making, including film laminated leather, patent leather, animal pattern leather, classic embossing and release paper pattern leather among which you will must find the best leather for bags and handbags you want. The leather thickness for bags is range from 0.3mm to 2.0mm so that they are able to satisfy different requirements on design and usage.

Is there any possible to get best leather for handbags? It depends on your demand in design, function, economy and so on. But I believe you will find your answer here.



Faux leather fabric for purses

Our faux leather for purse making is soft and smell-less. Wonderful scratch-resistant and durability with luxury and high-quality will definitely add scores to your products. And we have custom service which will provide unique products for your design.



Faux leather for wallets

Folding resistance is a key parameter of faux leather for wallets, because wallets will be folded numerous times during using which is easily to cause the faux leather crack.



Faux leather for luggage

A good luggage must strong enough to keep safe of stuffs in it from damage, because it will carry heavy and treasure things, like computer. So it is must made from good quality raw materials. Faux leather is a main element for a faux leather luggage. You need to choose faux leather with good performance in peeling strength, tensile strength, tear strength, hydrolysis and so on.



PU leather vs PVC leather

What’s the different between PU leather and PVC leather for bag making? It’s an important question, and here we will submit some information for you.




Pros and cons



Has more choice, for example, elastic one

Less of choice

More expensive

More economic

Good in folding resistance

Good in scratch resistance


Leather thickness for bags/ leather thickness for wallet

For PU leather, the thickness is range from 0.45mm to 2.0mm.

For PVC leather, the thickness is range from 0.9mm to 1.4mm.


Types of leather for handbags/ types of leather for bags

Considering fashion factor of handbags/bags, we have developed a lot of types of faux leather for handbags.

  1. Animal pattern faux leather, including crocodile pattern, ostrich pattern, lizard pattern, leopard pattern and snake pattern.
  2. Geometric pattern faux leather, including stone pattern, plaid pattern, lychee pattern, diamond pattern, weave pattern and round pattern.
  3. Patent faux leather.
  4. Flocking faux leather.
  5. Film laminated faux leather. There are TPU film, PVC film and normal film. And the performance can be laser, holographic and 3D.


Designer leather fabric

With the technology of digital printing on faux leather becoming more and more mature, designer is able to see their designed bags, shoes, garments, upholstery and so on in initial time. It helps customers saving money and time.

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