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All faux leather fabrics for shoes material that Bridge offers are comfortable and durable considering the actual use of footwear. High quality PU leather fabric is air permeable and moisture wicking, keeping feet dry comfortable. The fashionable designs make these fabrics rich of patterns and textured. Upper shoe faux leather fabrics stress on the textures, pattern designs, glossiness while the lining shoe fabrics stress on comfortableness. Bridge's synthetic shoe uppers and linings are produced with highest technology, guaranteeing great features of these leather fabrics, which are indispensable for quality of your astonishing shoes. Browse faux leather fabric for shoes collection in, please contact us for your ideal materials to make shoes.

Different types of shoe upper material

Categorizing by material, there are genuine leather, synthetic leather (include PU leather, PVC leather and Microfiber leather), textile fabric for shoes.

  • Genuine leather

Genuine leather is from skin of different animals, it cost large labor and resource during production. Besides its high price, the chemical material in genuine leather will be harmful for environment and human.

  • PU leather

PU leather for shoes is made from polyurethane and bonded with backing fabric like velveteen fabric, elastic fabric, nonwoven fabric, etc. It is soft and strong. The price is also reasonable.

  • PVC leather

PVC leather for shoes is made from Polyvinyl chloride and bonded with backing fabric like velveteen fabric, mesh fabric, nonwoven fabric, etc. It could be thicker than PU leather, so manufacturer could make more vivid grain on the surface, like crocodile pattern, snake skin pattern and ostrich skin pattern.

  • Microfiber leather

Microfiber leather is kind of upgrade version of PU leather. Its toughness, air permeability, and abrasion resistance have been further strengthened; it has extremely excellent wear resistance, excellent cold resistance, air permeability, and aging resistance.

  • Textile fabric

Textile fabric for shoe upper include: flyknit fabric, mesh fabric, suede fabric, satin fabric and so on. These fabrics are breathable, lightweight, and have fashion look.

Types of leather for shoes upper

When talking about leather for shoes, first word hits in your mind might be genuine leather. But considering environmental protection, animal protection and cost saving, synthetic leather becoming an ideal alternative for shoes leather.

Differ from genuine leather, there are types of synthetic leather based on different technologies to make shoes variety.

  • Embossed/Release Paper synthetic leather patterns

Embossing is normally used on PVC leather which could make the grain deep and vivid.

Release paper is normally used on PU leather to achieve different looking on surface.

  • Patent/Mirror synthetic leather patterns

Patent leather refers to a process of spraying paint on PU leather. Its characteristics are bright color, natural, waterproof, moisture-proof, not easy to deform, and easy to clean and take care of.

  • TPU/Laminated synthetic leather patterns

By laminating film on surface, the PU leather will have different kind of glory, like holographic color, laser color, 3D vision. And TPU laminated leather is typical one in this type.

  • Glitter synthetic leather patterns

The surface of Glitter leather is a layer of special sequin particles, which looks colorful and dazzling under the light.

  • Flocking synthetic leather patterns

Flocking is a special technology to plant variety kinds of powder onto PU leather to make artificial leather a velvety feeling.

  • Brushed synthetic leather patterns

The surface layer has a feeling of burnt, which can produce a different effect from the bottom layer through friction, forming a sensory two-color effect or a classic burnt color effect.

  • Suede synthetic leather, including Nubuck, Yangbuck

Suede leather refers to leather with a suede surface which is soft and comfortable. Nubuck and Yangbuck is similar with suede leather, but not same. Nubuck is a kind PU leather, after surface grinding, it has a fluffy touch.

  • Space leather

Space leather refers to synthetic leather that has been specially treated so that the leather has thermal or thermal insulation properties, which can enhance the breathability and moisture permeability of the leather itself. It is normally used to make sports shoes.

  • Crazy horse leather

Crazy Horse leather is also translated into Pull-up PU leather (means color change after stretching). The surface is messy and disordered with good hairy feel and suede effect.

What is PU material in shoes?

PU is polyurethane, a kind of artificial leather, which is softer and more expensive than PVC. PU leather is closer and similar to genuine leather, strong and durable, while more economic than genuine leather. It will not become hard and brittle, and it has the advantages of rich colors and various patterns. Because of its characteristics, PU leather is suitable for different kinds of shoes, like casual shoes, formal shoes, sports shoes, boots and sandals. PU leather for shoes is waterproof, folding resistance, light weight and easy to clean compared with genuine leather.

PU leather is 100% vegan, it is consisted from 3 layers, first is PU layer, second is base, and third is backing fabric. Total of them make PU leather is similar to genuine leather in hand feeling, thickness and comfort. Shoes made from PU are not only comfortable to wear but also good to our environment.

What does PU mean in shoes?

PU in shoes normally means PU leather which is different from genuine leather and PVC leather. PU leather is suitable for weight bearing parts of shoes, because it has good performance in tensile strength, tear strength, peeling strength, friction resistance and folding resistance.  It will not easy to crack and dry out after long time use.

People may consider whether PU leather is harmful for environment and human. But when the technology becomes more and more mature, it won’t be a problem. High quality PU leather is better than genuine leather in each aspect.


Shoe fabric types

Shoe fabric types in Bridge are mainly for sport shoes, like sneaker and running shoes; and fashion shoes, boots. They are 100% polyester, so good in color fastness and tear strength.

  • Mesh Fabric

Mesh fabric for shoes is breathable and comfortable, especially for sandwich mesh fabric which is thick and has spandex between surface and back layers

  • Flyknit Fabric

Flyknit is a special technology which using 3D technology to weave dyed yarns together. The biggest feature of this upper is lightness, fit and breathability.

  • Suede Fabric

Suede fabric imitates the looking of suede leather, in the meantime, it possesses breathable function. It is not only a good choice for fashion shoes, but also good for sport shoes.

  • Satin Fabric

Satin fabric is usually used for fashion boots because of its silk gloss and velveteen touch feeling. And different design of printing could make it more fashion and attractive.

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