Wholesale PVC leather fabrics supplied by Bridge exists in various household items such as sofa, wall decorations and so forth. As other faux leather, PVC leather fabric is also well-known in upholstery businesses. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, which is the material used with other substances to manufacture such faux leather fabric. Since PVC leather is waterproof and barely need maintenance, such fabric is one of the most faux leather for upholstery. Bridge is a professional supplier of PVC faux leather fabric by making the best of leather manufacturers in China. Please contact us to for your wholesale PVC leather supplies.

Faux leather material wholesale

Ningbo Bridge Synthetic Leather Co., Ltd. is located in Zhejiang, China. It is a subsidiary of Zhejiang Bridge Group Co., Ltd., established in 2004, with a monthly production capacity of 2 million meters.  Our strong production capacity has provided thousands of customers with the products they need. we believe as faux leather manufacturer Fully capable of providing enough products for faux leather material wholesale.


Faux leather base fabric mainly includes: mesh fabric, woven fabric, elastic base fabric and mesh knitted fabric. The main products we produce include sofa leather, car seat leather, garment leather, shoe leather, luggage leather, high-end gift wrapping paper leather, etc. If you need to leather fabric wholesale, you can choose different materials of leather and base fabric to achieve the effect you need. Leatherette fabrics are sold in wholesale rolls.


Advantage of faux leather

Genuine leather may be the preferred condition for most people, but faux leather has its own unique advantages compared to genuine leather:


Affordable - In terms of price, faux leather will be much lower than real leather.


Easy to store: Faux leather is not easy to be scratched, you do not need to take special care of it, and Faux leather is stain-resistant, UV-resistant, and its peeling and tearing are better than genuine leather.


Appearance: Faux leather has the same appearance as genuine leather, has the same effect as genuine leather in visual sense and can make any pattern you need on its surface due to the particularity of Faux leather's production process.


Is vinyl fabric the same as faux leather?

Vinyl is best known as a replacement for leather. It can be called "faux leather" or "synthetic leather". The name actually comes from the material polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Vinyl can be made in a variety of colors. Because of its toughness, sofa makers have used the material for decades to produce various types of sofa leather, and it is a great option for products that need to withstand the weight of the human body and return to shape quickly, and it's fairly inexpensive.So faux leather rolls wholesale is the choice of many manufacturers.Unlike most plastics, vinyl is generally recyclable and therefore more environmentally friendly than other synthetic materials.


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Leather for footwear:

Shoe upper Shoe lining Other shoe material


Leather for the sofa:

Classic PU Leather Economic PVC Leather Sofa fabric


Leather for car upholstery:

Microfiber Leather Silicone Leather Traditional Car Leather


Leather for making bags:

Snake Pattern Leather Sparkling Leather Embossing Leather


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