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Bridge holds a huge collection of wholesale upholstery leather fabric by the yard, offering clients with multiple choices to meet their precise needs. With the strictest QC rules, Bridge collects the best wholesale upholstery faux leather suppliers from Chinese tanneries at lower price. Compared with authentic leather hides, synthetic faux leather fabrics, especially microfiber ones, are uniquely durable against stains, dust, tear and importantly, extremely similar to real leather hides, let alone the lower prices. Synthetic leather is a perfect choice for upholstery. For both upholstery manufacturing and upholstery DIY, these upholstery fabrics are best choices. As a dedicated upholstery leather supplier in China, the company is qualified to supply upholstery leather by the yard.

Our upholstery material wholesale includes faux leather for upholstery, fabric for upholstery. Customer is able to find complete products line of upholstery material in our side.

Leather upholstery fabric

The leather upholstery fabric wholesale business is a broad one. It goes far beyond just home upholstery leather, as there’s also car upholstery leather and auto upholstery leather. One of the dilemmas upholstery wholesale suppliers and leather material suppliers is the type of leather to get.

As one of the most professional upholstery leather suppliers, we have 3 main kinds of faux leather fabric for upholstery: PU leather, PVC leather, and microfiber leather.

PU upholstery fabric faux leather material

PU leather upholstery material is usually lightweight and soft. The hand feeling is very nice, and the surface is smooth. We also have an abundance of release papers from which customers can choose. PU leather has good tensile and tear strength, making it a good choice of leather sheet among furniture leather suppliers.

Hydrolysis resistance for normal PU leather is 1 year; however, for a longer lifetime, we can make it to 3 years, 5 years, or even 10 years. For customers with high requirements on environmental protection, we can provide eco-friendly PU leather, like waterborne PU leather and solvent-free PU leather. With these properties, it comes as little surprise that PU is a high-demand leather material in the automotive upholstery fabric wholesale industry.

PVC upholstery fabric faux leather material

PVC leather material for upholstery is the most economical material for wholesale leather suppliers. The surface of PVC leather is tough, scratch-resistant, and its hydrolysis resistance is excellent. Lychee pattern is a classic embossing pattern for PVC leather for furniture upholstery. Still, we also have different kinds of embossing patterns for faux leather material wholesale suppliers to choose from.

PVC leather is the optimal option for medical institutions. For this set of customers, we provide them anti-mildew and anti-bacteria PVC leather to make medical beds and seats. These features make PVC leather an encouraging option for wholesale upholstery fabric suppliers.

Microfiber upholstery fabric faux leather material

Microfiber leather is a new material made of super fiber, non-woven fabric, impregnated with modified polyurethane resin. Its performance is similar to genuine leather, and it is environmentally friendly. It is the latest generation of synthetic leather materials and an excellent option for automotive leather suppliers, as well as high-end upholstery and yachts. Why? For starters, its physical test results are nothing short of excellent. To be more specific, it has high-temperature strength, high tensile strength, and good folding resistance. And its extra functions, like fire retardant, colorfastness, waterproof, cold resistance, and mildew resistance, are perfect for auto upholstery leather suppliers.

Upholstery Fabric

Economical, warm, and soft – these are some of the critical features of faux leather fabric for chairs and other furniture. Over the last few years, the debate between real leather fabric and faux leather has generated a lot of traction. Faux and synthetic leather is better for furniture and chair because of their versatility, as they come in several different patterns and colors, livening your upholstery items. Below are some fabric options for the leather wholesale, particularly among furniture suppliers.

Velvet Fabric

Our velvet fabric is mainly for sofas, including Holland velvet fabric, imitation velveteen fabric, imitation cashmere fabric, golden velvet fabric, and more. For wholesale upholstery leather suppliers dealing with sofa fabrics, the decorative effects is just as important as the physical performance requirements.

In addition to some fabrics with jacquard when weaving, the flat velvet fabrics take the main occupation, so the finishing process is critical. The commonly used methods for velvet sofa fabrics are printing, embossing, bronzing, burnout, flocking, brushing, hot-polishing, and creasing to form a specific texture effect and bump effect.


Due to the special technology, the chenille fabric is plump with fluffy, feels excellent. It is thick but light. The chenille is widely used in home textile products, including sofa covers, blankets, and wall decoratives. While our main customers are sofa manufacturers, many customers choose chenille because it has good water absorption, drape, good shading, and dustproof function. Some customers also choose chenille to make curtains.

Woven Fabric

Most wholesale leather fabrics for upholstery is knitting fabric, but woven fabric is also a great option, especially for outdoor upholstery, like curtains and floor blankets. This is because it is easy to clean and has excellent strength. Furthermore, woven fabric can imitate the look and feel of linen fabric, while the colorfastness and abrasion resistance are better.

Suede Fabric

Suede is more high-grade, with high-end color and texture. Sofas made from suede fabric are soft, light, and feel good. The surface of the suede fabric is delicate, with a multi-layer structure, and the color is gentle. Suede fabric is very comfortable because it is covered with thin fibers. It also has good water and oil absorption, so it has good heat insulation and warmth. Practically, it feels warm to the touch and will not feel cold during winter.

There’s more! The suede fabric has a large fiber surface area, so there are more pores. Generally, suede sofas are very soft, have high-quality breathability, and are also waterproof to a certain extent, implying that they are good options for upholstery material wholesale suppliers.


The upholstery leather industry is a broad one, with so many possible options for consumers. This article has highlighted some of these in a straightforward manner. However, finding the best quality of leather isn’t as straightforward. There are so many substandard synthetic and faux leather today.

Using substandard products can be very detrimental to the final product and business, in general. You don’t want that, and neither do we. At Bridge Synthetic Leather, we develop and supply the highest quality synthetic and faux leather. Also, our team of experts is always willing and ready to help consumers with problems and questions they may have about synthetic leather, ensuring consumers only get the best value possible.

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