Wholesale PU leather fabric supplied by Bridge are great choice for upholstery such as that of sofa and bed headboard. PU leather (sometimes known as bi-cast leather) is a useful artificial synthetic leather fabric made with polyurethane. Helping furniture to keep a long-lasting shine appearance, and being easy to be cleaned, PU leather fabric supplied by us are always welcomed by furniture manufacturers. Because PU leather fabric can be processed into real-leather-like, it's the most common faux leather supplied. By making the best of resources, Bridge supplies high quality wholesale PU leather manufactured in China at cheap price to support upholstery business around the world.

Why choose PU leather China?

China has been devoting into artificial leather for more than 60 years while analyzing PU leather for about 40 years. We have abundant experience, high quality talents and government support to produce PU leather with good quality and price in China.

And Ningbo Bridge Synthetic Leather, established in 2004, has developed to be one of main pu leather supplier in China.

We receive orders from the worldwide, provide solutions to customers and overcome difficult with customers together, which make us become stronger and reliable.


Advantage of PU leather for sofa

Synthetic PU leather, also called PU vegan leather, is more environmental friendly than genuine leather and PVC leather.

EU environmental protection organization has been advocating non killing policy and prohibited the sale of genuine leather for several years, artificial leather is trend for further. What we need to consider is environment protection and sustainable development.

PVC leather is cheap and has good performance in some aspects, so it is quite popular product. But as a truth, it do not so eco friendly as PU leather. With the development of technology, we have made out waterborned PU leather, solvent free PU leather, and we have been devoted to making better PU leather continually.

And PU leather currently is quite similar to genuine leather on hand feeling and functions and price lower.


PU leather material for car seats

PU leather for sofa is also suitable for car seats. And we can add more functions on it according to automotive customer’s requirement.


Category of PU leather for sofa

By surface pattern of PU leather for sofa

There are 2 main kinds to process the PU leather, release paper and embossing.

For release paper pattern, the ones we are familiar with are R61, DE90, M117 and so on. The surface is smooth but with texture.

Embossing process will make the texture more deep and can be felt by hand. Embossed pattern will be more characterized, for example, lychee pattern, crocodile pattern.


By backing fabric of PU leather for sofa

In order to meet different requirements on thickness, hand feeling, function etc., we will choose different backing fabric. Mainly are mesh fabric, TC fabric, flocking fabric, imitate velveteen fabric, microfiber fabric and so on.


By function of PU leather for sofa

Our PU leather for sofa has functions on: fire retardant, water proof, scratch resistant, stain resistant, peeling resistant and so on. We will do our best to satisfy you.

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