Woven Pattern Embossed PVC Leather Upholstery Fabric - 1107001-6680

Woven Pattern Embossed PVC Leather Upholstery Fabric - 1107001-6680

Item Number : 1107001-6680

Item Code: 1107001-6680

Application: For Making Sofa&Furniture

Composition: PVC Resin+DOTP+Filler+Stabilizer

Weight(g/㎡): 490

Thickness(mm): 0.8mm

Width(cm): 137

Backing: Stretch Fabric

Tear Strength warp: ≥3

Tear Strength - weft: ≥2

Tensile Strength -warp: 18

Tensile Strength - weft: ≥10

Elongation(%)-warp: ≥10.5

Elongation(%)- weft: ≥10

Peeling Strength - warp : 1.8

Find wholesale PVC leather fabric suppliers, get PVC leather fabric manufactured in China for your upholstery businesses.

  • Woven leather fabric is usually handmade and is a fashion sign. But it will harm animals and environment, cause large waste and cost much time. To meet the demand of woven leather fabric and protect animals, the new embossing patterns of woven texture were developed.
  • With different dimension and depth, there are numerous embossing patterns can be chosen. By using faux leather of woven embossing patterns, the lead time is largely shortened, the budget can also be decreased. What’s more, we can make contribution to the animal and environment.
  • By using real leather to make woven leather fabric, it will take long time and cause large waste. So if you just want the design and patterns, we suggest you to choose embossing faux leather with woven patterns.
  • The faux woven leather fabric can be PVC leather and PU leather which are ideal for furniture, wall coverings and car seats. And we can also provide faux woven leather fabric for other application, like shoes, bags and wallets, package, decorations and DIY craft.
  • The strength of our woven leather fabric including: clear patterns, good texture, high performance in abrasion strength, tensile strength, peeling strength and scratch resistance. And we will provide different hand feeling and elastic for different application. We make our faux woven leather fabric durable, long-lasting, breathable and comfortable which is close to real woven leather fabric very much.
  • PVC woven leather fabric is suitable for furniture, upholstery and car. Its embossing texture is deeper and clearer, because the thickness of PVC woven leather fabric is thicker then PU one. The backing fabric suitable for PVC woven leather fabric includes: mesh fabric, brushed fabric, fish scale cloth and other knitting fabric. We will recommend you matched performance: quality, thickness, backing fabric, function, according to your demand. One of most important advantage of PVC woven leather fabric is its high economic price.
  • PU woven leather fabric is suitable for shoes, bags, garments, and can also be used on high class furniture, upholstery and car. PU woven leather fabric will be more soft and comfortable. And we can add technical, like TPU film, printing to make it variable and beautiful. The backing fabric suitable for PU woven leather fabric includes: TC fabric, imitation velveteen, elastic fabric, suede fabric and so on. PU woven leather fabric has better spandex, so we can use fabric with elastic, the options are more.
  • About the package of woven leather fabric, normally, we provide paper tube, poly bag and craft paper bag. And we also accept customization requirement, for example, bags with logo or printing. The leather is packed in a roll with 20-50 meters according to the thickness. If you have special requirement on the packing way, we will also do our best to meet it.
  • The thickness of woven leather fabric is range from 0.7mm to 1.4mm based on its usage. But we will also try to make development if you have different requirement. We provide customization service and one-stop service for you.
  • Besides woven leather patterns, there are kinds of patterns can be chosen. There is high possibility you could find what you want here.